Thursday, December 4, 2014

Want to pass the Water for the World Act?

The Water for the World Act has now passed both the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
The next step in both the Senate and the House is to bring it up for a full floor vote, then send it to President Obama's desk for signature.
There are a very few days remaining in this session of the U.S. Congress, however. Some sector specialists fear that the bill will die if it doesn’t pass both the House and the Senate in the next few working days.

If you want to help advocate for the passage of the Water for the World Act, you can:
1) Contact your Representative and each of your Senators. Ask them to support the bill, and to bring it to the floor of the House/Senate for a vote. You can find contact information for your representative and senators here:
2) Forward this message to others 

A copy of the Senate version of the Act can be found here: 
Talking points about the Act that were prepared by the NGO Water Advocates can be found here: